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Disappointed!?! Empty
PostSubject: Disappointed!?!   Disappointed!?! EmptySat Feb 18, 2012 6:37 pm

So I made the drive down to check out the Nautilus after having contacted him to "special order" some fish, mind you it took a few tries to finally get in touch with someone. After letting him know what I was looking for, was told I'd get a call back within a couple days, no return call. Me being me borrowed the neighbors car and made the drive down (prefer to support non franchise stores help the mom & pop). Was rather unfriendly overall experience, was actually going to offer some stock that he keeps in the store at wholesale or let him know what I keep in the event he got a special order for something that may not have been available. Probably just me but this is the first time having been to a Mom & Pop not being greeted with at least a "Hello". Do realize with a small staff and such its sometimes or busy with something but darn a friendly greeting does go along ways in the overall appearance of a store.

Okay I'll stop whining!!

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