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 Peacock Crosses young

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Peacock Crosses young Empty
PostSubject: Peacock Crosses young   Peacock Crosses young EmptySun Dec 18, 2011 6:52 pm

I know I may stir things up a bit here but my daughter's female Peacock bred with somebody in her tank and now I have the babies who don't look too bad. I know they aren't pure bred but I don't have the heart to just kill them because Momma picked a mate to suite her. So they are crosses. I think I have a dozen of them. They are blond color and are ok fish for someone who doesn't want to breed and just wants to enjoy some cichlids. I'm asking $2 a fish or I am more than willing to trade for other cichlids. I have a South American tank (90 gallon) and a 125 gallon African tank. I have these 2" Peacock crosses in a 20 gallon tank and I'd like them gone as I have baby Rainbows, bristlenose plecos, baby firemouths, and damisoni in there too. Not a good mix in my opinion. So hopefully someone would like these Peacocks to decorate their tank. 541 995-6419
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Peacock Crosses young
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