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 Catfish Nutrition: Feeding Food Fish

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PostSubject: Catfish Nutrition: Feeding Food Fish   Catfish Nutrition: Feeding Food Fish EmptyWed Nov 16, 2011 2:26 am

Unlike other farmed animals, fish don’t have feed available at all times and can’t feed at will. The feeder decides how much feed to offer to the fish. There are no standard feeding practices across the industry, mainly because many factors affect feeding and every pond of fish behave differently. So, feeding catfish is a highly subjective process.

The information in this publication is based on results from feeding studies done over several years at the National Warmwater Aquaculture Center. Consider our recommendations as guidelines, since management practices vary from farm to farm. The guidelines are for feeding healthy fish grown from advanced fingerlings to market size.
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Catfish Nutrition: Feeding Food Fish
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