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 Predator control

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PostSubject: Predator control    Predator control  EmptyMon Aug 29, 2011 3:17 pm

What do you do to control predators,both birds and ground animals from disturbing your pond fish/amphibians?

I have fishing line run across the top of my pond in a random pattern. Works great, and from the house, you cant see it. Before I put it up, I had big hawks, who live in my big redwood and the neighbors redwoods picking out my big female koi for food. Got tired of it, tried everything, water sprayer, noise, leaving my dogs out, didnt matter, they would wait, swoop down, and get em. I put the line up, and waited. Sure enough, one tried, got really close to the water, realized he was about to be caught, and turned away. Not one bird since has ever tried it again. Not even heron mess with it. You can leave it up year around, and its very very cheap compared to big fish nets from pond suppliers.

For other predators, racoon, cats, etc, well, I have big labs, both trained for hunting, so they will corner it, but not kill it unless I let them. Only had a racoon once, he didnt make it 2ft past the fence before he realized it wasnt a good idea. If you dont have dogs, i suggest a pond with a very deep end(at LEAST 3.5ft) and lots of hiding places for your fish. plastic culvert/piping works great. so does a plastic lawn table with cut down legs, put big flat rocks over the top, looks good, works great. Keeps your fish safe. My pond has a deck over one end of it, so the fish stay there usually, and my pond is deep, which helps also.

What do some of you who have ponds do to keep pests and predators away?
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PostSubject: Re: Predator control    Predator control  EmptyMon Aug 29, 2011 3:55 pm

Personally haven't had a problem with predators maybe because they are so close to the house and don't look natural enough for the birds of prey so to speak to hunt them. Also have solar lights that change colors maybe they don't like them either. Now my neighbor has issues with his pond which is in the middle of his backyard lots of herons come in with no fear of his beagles but I'm thinking that's because they're in huge outdoor kennels and that they can't get to them. Will be definitely suggesting the fishing line to him for future protection of his koi.

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Predator control
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