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 48 inch light 2 bulbs T8

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PostSubject: 48 inch light 2 bulbs T8   Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:45 pm

I'm getting rid of my old light I used on my 72 gallon bowfront planted tank.

Specs: Two T8 bulbs 40watts each. They have been USED 10 hours a day since September 10th, 2011. The hood is much older than that (at least 10 years old).

These are the exact bulbs I bought:
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Single reflector for both bulbs.

I'm only getting rid of the light because I splurged (as fishtank people do) on a 48" 6 bulb T5 hood. I went from 80 total watts to over 300 watts. I had intended on replacing the ballast and outlets so I could put T5s in it. I'll take any reasonable offer. I don't know what the lights should cost, but I'm always down to trade for plants, shrimp, nerite snails, or whatever. I haven't posted it to Craigslist yet.

Before picture: Taken 9-12-2011, this is the day I planted.
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This is the after picture taken 1-18-2012. I used this light, no ferts, and planted according to the walstad method.
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48 inch light 2 bulbs T8
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