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 selling a 56 gallon acrylic saltwater setup- $300

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PostSubject: selling a 56 gallon acrylic saltwater setup- $300   Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:02 pm

moving and need to sell.
56 gallon acrylic tank, stand, and canopy.
established setup with 40 lbs of live rock.
90 lbs of sand.
16 gallon sump and return pump.
coralife circulation pump. clips to side with magnet.
3 ballasts built into the canopy.
one bright white light with generator box.
2 purple actinic lights with switchs on back of canopy.

osillaris clown (nemo)
xl bangai cardinal
blue damsel
neon velvet damsel
green chromis
4 stripe damsel
yellowtail blue damsel

let me know if your interested.
need to sell. i live in albany
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selling a 56 gallon acrylic saltwater setup- $300
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